What is Cloud Computing?

Take the next step in the evolution of the enterprise. Enter the Cloud.

We are entering a new era in enterprise computing. By delivering hosted and managed services in a Net-Centric manner, cloud computing can redefine your enterprise and provide a much more efficient use of IT resources. Whereas traditional infrastructure is built and operated within your datacenter, typical cloud computing infrastructure resides off-premise while logically remaining part of your IT environment.

"Two of the most significant technological developments for IAM in the past two years have been the growth in solutions for managed/hosted IAM services and IAM as a service. Having an alternative means of IAM delivery that can eliminate or lessen enterprise resource and maintenance requirements is appealing to many customers. The growing availability of these options ensures one of the most significant changes in the IAM market since its formal introduction."
Earl Perkins, Gartner Research Analyst
Strategic Planning Assumptions for IAM, 2011 to 2015, March 29, 2011, Gartner

Like many industries, Information Technology is commoditizing. Where it was once a business value and benefit to own and operate IT infrastructure in-house, a commoditizing technology market is making in-house infrastructure more costly to maintain. As the business value of on-premise infrastructure quickly fades, due to high expenses associated with building, operating and maintaining such solutions, cloud computing counterparts have begun to emerge as cost-effective alternatives.

Many businesses have come to realize the enormous expenses and burdens associated with their traditional IT environments and have accepted them as “costs of doing business.” Building and maintaining many of these IT systems purely out of necessity has tended to lead companies astray from their core business objectives while failing to add significance to their value propositions.

The advent of cloud computing has begun to change the IT infrastructure landscape by allowing customers to eliminate these burdens, lower their expenditures, and return their focus to core competencies and objectives. Along with these benefits, many factors are driving a rapid adoption of cloud computing within industry, including:

  • Reduced Capital Expenditures
  • Quick Time to Market
  • Reduce Acquisition of Specialized Skills 
  • Repurpose Existing Personnel
  • Ease of Administration
  • Known, Fixed Operating Expenditures

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