Web Access Management

Managing a diverse set of web applications can be a difficult challenge, especially when you start to consider security. Whether your organization is exposing web applications to internal communities on a corporate network or over the Internet, ensuring that entitled users are appropriately authenticated, authorized and audited is a high priority.

Lighthouse Gateway’s IBM-based Web Access Management software enables organizations to quickly secure web applications.

Above: Lighthouse Gateway Delivers Powerful Web Access Management - Support for multiple forms of user authentication and centralized authorization allows your organization to take control of all of your web assets.

The Gateway’s Web Access Management (WAM) services provide critical capabilities that will instill confidence in the security of your web presence, including:

  • Web Single Sign-On (SSO)
    • Web Single Sign-On enables users to login once and seamlessly access all web based applications within your organization for which they’re authorized. A wide variety of authentication mechanisms are supported, including User ID and Password, two-factor hardware tokens, and even Integrated Windows Authentication, which can leverage the user’s existing Windows session to create a truly seamless experience!
  • Centralized Policy Management
    • Point-and-Click your access control policies in an easy-to-use administration console. Simply “drag-and-drop” policies, defining “who can do what, when and how,” on graphical representations of your web applications within the Gateway’s user interface. Defining authorization policies is simple, and they’re enforced immediately across all of your integrated applications.
  • Authorization Enforcement
    • The Gateway’s Web Access Management services will not only seamlessly login users, but it will actively enforce your company’s policies – including who can access what, when, and how. Your policies may include groups or roles of individuals who may interact with particular web applications, or they may even extend to include particular time-of-day or network restrictions. Lighthouse Gateway’s powerful IBM-based WAM technology helps your organization gain control over even the most complex access control challenges.
  • Centralized Auditing for Web Applications
    • Auditing access to your web applications becomes simple. Gateway’s WAM services create normalized and centralized audit records of all user transactions across your web applications. A single user identity means no more struggling with matching disparate identities across various applications. Auditing events can be streamed in real-time to an on-premise SIEM system or reporting tool if you desire.
  • Defense in Depth
    • Gateway’s Web Access Management services offer much more than meets-the-eye. Integrated firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention services, performance acceleration, and a highly-available infrastructure ensure that multiple layers of security are at your disposal to protect your organization’s critical web assets.

Lighthouse Gateway WAM services can be production-ready for your environment in a matter of days. Because they’re IBM-based, they’re also certified for integration to a wide-array of industry web applications, including SAP, SharePoint, PeopleSoft, J2EE and .NET applications, and just about any application that you access today through a web browser!