Lighthouse’s introduction of a cloud-computing platform for Identity and Access Management has generated enthusiastic support from industry analysts, partners and early customers. The following is a small representation of what the industry is saying about Lighthouse Gateway:

“The Lighthouse Gateway solution is built on a security model that has been proven in operational use for the U.S. Air Force. Providing this solution as a service permits any organization to maintain a robust security posture, while reducing cost and risk, making it an enormously attractive alternative to conventional approaches.”
  Mr. John Gilligan, Cyber Security Commission advisor to the President of the United States and former CIO of the U.S. Air Force.

“The Lighthouse Gateway is yet another wave in the commoditization of IT, encapsulating the lessons learned, experience, and derived services developed over a course of seven years securing and defending against the continuous and evolutionary attacks faced by the Air Force’s combat support community.”
Dr. Joseph Besselman, retired Air Force Program Manager, led the evolution of the Air Force’s multi-million user IT infrastructure to a SaaS model.

“VantisLife was facing an initial cost of ownership investment in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, with a four- to six-month startup window, to meet enhanced security and regulatory compliance standards. Instead, with the Lighthouse Gateway solution, we have a state of the art security solution, at a fixed monthly service fee that will cost us less over three years than the cost of the initial stand-up of a wholly owned and operated infrastructure – and we went from assessment to implementation in just six weeks.”
Jim Lovelace, Associate Vice President of Information Technology, VantisLife

“Lighthouse Gateway was the perfect IT solution for us as it offered us a cost-effective tool that provides VantisLife with stronger growth capabilities and security features. We feel very good sitting here today with the IBM Tivoli Access Management-based solution and the Lighthouse expertise protecting us.”
Scott Smith, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, VantisLife

“Lighthouse Gateway was recognized in the Outstanding Service Management Tivoli Solution (2009 Beacon Award) based on their technology leadership and commitment to delivering customer value. This award is a testament to their commitment to delivering on IBM's smarter planet vision."
Rich Hume, General Manager, IBM Global Business Partner Organization

“This award recognizes a visionary Business Partner who is leading the charge to manage the world’s infrastructure with IBM Tivoli software. The solution shows a new capability in an innovative, exciting format and encompasses solving the problems of today's IT market using creative methods and be positioned to become a driver in tomorrow's new markets.”
IBM press announcement about Lighthouse Gateway's 2009 Tivoli Innovation Award