Tivoli Foundation

Lighthouse Gateway is built on a foundation of technical excellence, utilizing the same robust Tivoli security identity management software that has proven so reliable across the globe.

At the heart of Lighthouse Gateway is a fully integrated and optimized blend of security software from IBM Tivoli, the world’s most trusted name in enterprise-class Identity and Access Management (IAM). Tivoli is the technology leader in the IAM market, and has held that position for more than a decade.

Tivoli Identity and Access Manager is the software that administers, secures and monitors identities, roles, and entitlements with efficient lifecycle management, access controls, and compliance auditing. Every day, hundreds of millions of users leverage the power of Tivoli IAM to obtain secure access to thousands of applications and services, at thousands of organizations in different industries and business sectors around the world.

By choosing Lighthouse Gateway, you are also choosing the innovation, interoperability and version control inherent within the Tivoli security software suite. Lighthouse Gateway is fully backwards and forwards compatible with existing Tivoli solutions, enabling you to cost-effectively migrate your on-premise Tivoli environment to the Lighthouse Gateway platform.

The IBM Tivoli family interoperates with over 100 different leading technology solutions from both IBM and third parties. These include such immediately recognizable names as Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Citrix, Siebel, Red Hat, Siemens, Novell, Apache, Sun, and many others.

What the Industry is saying about IBM Tivoli-based IAM Solutions

Here is just a sampling of industry analysts’ views on the IBM Tivoli IAM, which is the driving force within our cloud-based solution.

“IBM Tivoli is a global player in service management, and has successfully expanded that image into IAM during the past nine years.... IBM Tivoli's reach into business boardrooms and public-sector offices is unquestioned, which gives it an advantage over its competitors.” Gartner positioned IBM Tivoli in the Leaders Quadrant in its Magic Quadrant for User Provisioning report.”
-Gartner, Inc.

“IBM’s product offerings cover all bases across the range of IAM requirements, and demonstrate considerable strength and depth from end to end. ...Consistency of excellence throughout the products, and in addressing advanced requirements such as federation, and extreme scalability and performance needs, mark IBM as having a prominent position amongst the leadership in this market – likewise does the vision of IAM fulfilling an integrated role in the context of broader security, and service management. IBM is one of the few vendors with sufficient breadth to bring such a vision to fruition.”
-Butler Group

“IBM Tivoli was the worldwide IAM revenue market leader in 2006 and 2007, and once again it leads the list in license and maintenance revenue for IAM software suites in 2008.”
-IDC, Product Flash on IBM’s Tivoli Identity Manager v5.1