Business-To-Business Federation

If your organization deals extensively with 3rd parties, such as vendors, suppliers, and contractors, or your business works with supply-chain operations or networks of any kind, you’ve likely noticed an increasing trend of user accounts being maintained on affiliate or partner applications. From this trend we can conclude that our IT operations are becoming heavily integrated with our business partners, and managing application accounts across the business-to-business boundary is becoming a priority.

Lighthouse Gateway can help streamline and standardize the process of business-to-business identity management by enabling your organization to securely share user credentials with your business partners.

Securely Expose Applications to Your Partners as a Service Provider

If your goal is to securely share web applications with your partners, Lighthouse Gateway’s Federated Identity and Access Management services can help you expose these applications in a cost-effective and timely manner. Utilizing the Gateway’s federation services, your organization will be able to easily accept federated assertions of identity (such as SAML, WS-Federation, and OpenID), allowing your business partners to login seamlessly without the need for a native User ID and Password on your internal applications.

Allowing business partners to seamlessly login to entitled applications will improve productivity for users, increase the appeal of your services, and eliminate the need for your partners to maintain another set of IDs and Passwords.

Seamlessly Access Your Partner’s Applications

If your users regularly access applications hosted by a business partner who leverages federation technology (such as SAML) to allow users to Single Sign-On (SSO), Gateway will act as your bridge, allowing internal user credentials to be transformed and accepted by these partners. The result is a streamlined experience for your users, freeing them of managing credentials for partner applications.

Federated SSO (FSSO) can help improve user productivity, reduce help desk calls for forgotten passwords, and improve identity lifecycle management between your organization and partners.

While FSSO is a critical component of business-to-business federation, it’s just the beginning of what Lighthouse Gateway can do to help your organization start federating. Contact us today to learn more about the Gateway’s Federated Identity and Access Management services.