Federated Identity and Access Management

Business in today’s environment is increasingly dependent upon partners. Your organization may include partners that span supply chains, resellers, integrators, brokers, and other networks. Likewise, your company may be adopting the use of Software-as-a-Service, and therefore your partners may simply be application providers, like Salesforce.com, Concur, and SuccessFactors.

Regardless of who your partners are and how many you have, Lighthouse Gateway’s Federated Identity and Access Management (IAM) services can help your business make the identity and access integration process a seamless one.

Above: Lighthouse Gateway Federation Services - Enable your business to federate with private 3rd parties and SaaS applications.

Lighthouse Gateway offers two primary Federated IAM capabilities:

Federated Single Sign-On (FSSO)

Federated Single Sign-On (FSSO) allows users to seamlessly access applications, regardless of whether they’re native to your organization or are hosted by a partner. Partner applications may be private-party (i.e. a distributor’s warehousing application) or Software-as-a-Service Cloud applications (i.e. Salesforce.com). Likewise, Gateway’s FSSO services can also enable you to expose your applications to authorized third parties.

Lighthouse Gateway’s FSSO capabilities are built-upon industry open standard protocols, such as Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) and Web Services Federation (WS-Federation). Therefore, the Gateway’s FSSO services are compatible with a wide-array of partners regardless of their personal software platforms. The open architecture of Gateway’s FSSO services, along with its IBM software foundation, ensures both compatibility and security when integrated with third parties.

Federated User Provisioning

Lighthouse Gateway can help your organization exchange identity data with your partners, whether they’re private businesses or SaaS companies. The Gateway’s powerful Identity Management services can allow you to provision users, roles, and entitlements to partner applications in a secure and open standard format. Likewise, these same services may also accept user provisioning requests from your partners, enabling them to send you timely information regarding their user base. The Gateway’s Federated User Provisioning services may be integrated into your organization’s existing Identity Management system, or you may optionally choose to leverage the Gateway’s full-featured, cloud-based Identity Management services.

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