User Self-Service

Identity Management enables your organization to control various aspects of the identity lifecycle. But what happens when a component of that lifecycle is best handled by the identity “owner,” or user, themselves?

If you’ve spent time on the web, you’re probably familiar with the concept of User Self Service – even if you don’t know it by that term. User Self Service is the practice of allowing the end user to directly manage their identity, including account password resets. This allows the organization to more efficiently manage specific aspects of the user identity.

Let’s take a look at some of Lighthouse Gateway’s most popular User Self Service features:

Password Reset

Lighthouse Gateway’s Password Reset application allows any user, from any location, to easily reset their password should they forget it. Configuration options allow you to specify:

  • how the password reset process should work
  • what information is required
  • how it is validated
  • e-mail notification options
  • and even the choice to issue temporary passwords upon reset.

Reset passwords can be optionally communicated to one or many systems within your IT enterprise, including Active Directory.

Because 80% of calls to the help desk are associated with lost or forgotten passwords, Gateway’s Password Reset capabilities have the potential to save your organization time and money while improving productivity and user satisfaction!

Self Registration

Lighthouse Gateway’s Self Registration application allows your end users to register for access to protected web applications. Allowing users to register themselves, puts control in their hands, offloads your internal staff, and improves efficiency of the provisioning process. Self Registration may become critically important to your business if you’re dealing with large, external user bases – such as customers. Gateway’s Self Registration capabilities give your organization a powerful and simple way to control the self-initiated provisioning process.

Above: Point-and-Click Self Service Setup - Self Service applications can be setup simply within minutes via point-and-click configuration.

Lighthouse Gateway’s User Self Service applications are simple to set up, taking less than 5 minutes and requiring only point-and-click configuration. Your organization will be able to control the theme, branding, and behavior of these applications without writing a single line of code. Updates to your User Self Service applications can be made in minutes and enforced in production immediately.