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Lighthouse Gateway QuickStart Program
Accelerate time-to-market for your enterprise security solutions.

Fast Time to Market
One of the key advantages in deploying Enterprise Identity and Access Management (IAM) in the Cloud with Lighthouse Gateway is fast time to market. Lighthouse Gateway’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) model enables you to get to implementation 25 – 75% quicker than on-premise solutions. Lighthouse Gateway significantly reduces time and resources committed to planning, infrastructure build, integration, customization, and testing. Your focus will be on the exploitation of Gateway’s feature-rich, Tivoli-based solution rather than the time and expense of building and maintaining an IAM infrastructure.

To speed up your time-to-go-live even further, Lighthouse has developed a QuickStart Program that is aimed at getting you up and running as fast as possible. The Program offers three critical services designed to ensure a smooth and seamless implementation.

Project Definition Workshop
Before implementing any enterprise security solution, you need to fully understand the scope of your needs. Lighthouse’s certified Enterprise Security professionals can perform an in-depth Project Definition Workshop at your location to help you outline your current environment, determine your enterprise security objectives, and draft a detailed project plan to achieve them. During the workshop, the Lighthouse team will work with your technical and management teams to jointly explore the most essential questions about your goals, IT environment, security issues, project timeline and more.

Needs Assessment Analysis
As part of the QuickStart Program, Lighthouse conducts an in-depth Needs Assessment Analysis, which includes the Client Assessment Profile (CAP). This survey is intended to collect initial information about your environment in order to start exploring how the Lighthouse Gateway™ may solve your IAM challenges. This process enables Lighthouse to assess your current technical environment and business challenges to determine whether Gateway may be the optimal choice over a traditional “on premise” deployment. The survey includes the following analyses.

  • Identity Repositories

The Identity Repositories section of the CAP survey is intended to capture information regarding your existing identity repositories. Identity Repositories, or IDM Stores, consist of any software or hardware infrastructure within your IT enterprise that stores, manages, or otherwise maintains permanent record of Identity Data. Identity Data may consist of any data that describes attributes or complete profiles concerning IT system users and groups. Examples of such repositories include Microsoft Active Directory, IBM Tivoli Directory Server, any standard Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) server, PeopleSoft, or any number of relational databases and stores that may house identity data.

  • Access Management

The Access Management section covers your protected resources, corporate policies, authentication, and other relevant areas that impact the access management solution. Protected Resources are defined as any logical applications or physical servers hosting one or many logical applications that are intended to be secured with the access management solution. A Protected Resource, for instance, may be a Microsoft IIS Web Server hosting a web site, an IBM WebSphere Application Server hosting J2EE applications, or web-based Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) applications such as ERP solutions, Business Intelligence (BI) products, and multiple other forms of applications.

  • Business Needs

All successful IT projects require a careful understanding of the business needs that are driving the project. At Lighthouse we firmly believe that these drivers are critical components of an initial technology assessment. Understanding your business drivers will allow us to suggest ways to exploit the Gateway in a fashion intended to maximize your benefit and return on investment. Likewise, drivers such as regulatory compliance requirements will enable us to analyze how to keep your organization secure while meeting the stringent requests of your auditors.

For a free technical assessment, ROI/TCO analysis, or demo, call (888) 542-8030 or email info@lighthousecs.com.

Gateway Quick Start Program